Building A Better World With Brazilian Jiu Jitsu | Frank Curreri | TEDxUNLV

"For centuries Jiu Jitsu's sophisticated fighting techniques were a closely-guarded secret of monks, Samurai and royal families. But over the past 20 years, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) has been spreading across the globe. What may surprise people is that Jiu Jitsu is about much more than kicking butt -- it is a phenomenal people builder and path to Zen. BJJ black belt and journalist Frank Curreri offers his vision for elevating this life-changing art to the next level and making the world a better place."

John Danaher On What Makes Some People Progress Faster Than Others

John Danaher is a BJJ black belt under Renzo Gracie, and is known as one of the best BJJ instructors in the world. The New Zealand born black belt has been praised by the BJJ community as being a master and brain of the art. Danaher is a highly intelligent individual, who has a Master degree in philosophy from Columbia University, and is totally focused on the evolution and improvement of Jiu-Jitsu.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu- A catalyst for recovery.

"...My first experience rolling with my instructor was earth shattering; I suddenly realized how vulnerable I was. I not only lacked the knowledge necessary to defend myself, I was mentally and physically incapable of doing so. For the first time in years I experienced a moment of clarity. JIu jitsu had shocked me back into the real world. "

LinkedIn’s new San Francisco office has a gym for employees to fight Brazilian jiu-jitsu matches

The company's SF office offers classes in Thai Boxing twice a week, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu once a week. (In case you're wondering, Brazilian jiu-jitsu apparently removes all the striking elements of traditional jiu-jitsu and focuses on throwing and grappling, according to the Livestrong site).

Francesca Simon-Carboni: How jiu jitsu taught me to be a better employee

"Can jiu jitsu make you a better employee? Francesca Simon-Carboni would never have been described as calm or levelheaded in a crisis… until she started taking jiu jitsu. Francesca shares how the skills she built in jiu jitsu practice helped her advance in her career off the mat."