U.S. Airman Spencer Stone Uses Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to Choke Out Terrorist

If you’re not armed, real world practice in hand-to-hand fighting will be an enormous asset, not only in giving you concrete skills to employ, but in offering you a greater comfort level with violence and a confidence in taking action. It’s not [...]

Why I Never Quit Martial Arts

A martial artist named Sam Yang has a great perspective on training: My reason for training isn't to be a champion, and that's okay. Because somehow martial arts is the best expression of who I am as an individual. It is for [...]

And the Jiu Jitsu Nobel Prize goes to…

"If nobel prizes were awarded in jiu-jitsu for academic discovery, who would have won nobels in the last 20 years of jiu-jitsu?"  - fritzdagger (Reddit user), 8/8/2015 ...I think Nino in his prime was the most creative competitor of all and many [...]