Don’t Chase Belts, Chase Experiences

“It’s growing together with your Jiu-Jitsu family and learning how to walk off the mat with a little more self-confidence than before that is important. Belts are a part of it, and they are nice to receive. But if that’s all you’re after, you can actually just go and buy one. You can’t really buy the great experiences that happen through your Jiu-Jitsu journey. In my opinion, they’re priceless.”

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Article Credit: chris6583 for Jiu-Jitsu Times


About the Author:

Nino Schembri
Nino “Elvis” Schembri is considered one of the most technical practitioners of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the history of the sport, holding the titles of the “Most Technical Competitor in ADCC 2001”, five times “Brazilian National Champion”, twice “Pan-American Champion” and twice “World Champion”. His BJJ training started at age of 5 years old, at 13 Nino was training elite and finally was promoted to the acclaimed rank of black belt at age of 20, under master Carlos Gracie. A successful path requires the right mentors.

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